Above: La Fiére memorial, including the 'Iron Mike' statue.

Right: The Merderet and the bridge today.







The bridge – the whole area beyond the bridge was flooded by the Germans.






LA FRIERE: An example of the bridges across the Merderet River that the US Paratroopers had to capture on D-Day to protect the flanks of the drop zones and of Utah Beach and to ensure there were bridgeheads for further exploitation. Much of the surrounding country and all the river valleys were flooded by the Germans, which made small bridges and causeways vital for movement. After a confused action, with German counter-attacks, the bridge was secured by a mixed force of paratroops from 505th and 508th Parachute Infantry Regiments and a bridgehead established on the west bank. Brigadier General Gavin, the Deputy Commander of the 82nd, was involved.